10 May 2010

NGS Conference in Salt Lake City

WHEW!!. It has taken me a week but I think I have finally recovered from the greatest genealogy week ever.

I'm Janet Hovorka--vice president of the sponsoring society, the Utah Genealogical Society. So you need to read my report with an awareness that I'm biased. But WOW. What a fabulous conference NGS was this year. The plans were that I would report every evening throughout the conference about the goings on, but I wasn't ever able to sit down long enough. There were so many wonderful activities, so many exciting people to meet, and so many things to learn that I don't know how I'll ever fit them into a blog post. It's like trying to describe a field full of wildflowers. I'm sure I won't be able to do it justice.

As a vendor, it ends up that I'm only able to really tell you about the exciting things going on there. Usually I get chances to steal away to classes, walk around and talk to people, etc, etc. But not this time. We were too busy. Luckily, in the fast moving social networking world, if you wait long enough, everyone else will have already written about it. So, for other blogger takes on the conference, and perspectives on all the different wildflowers, check out these wonderful posts:

So you can see everyone had a wonderful time, got some new research done, and caught up with all the new happenings in the world of genealogy. If you haven't tried a conference lately, be sure to come to one of the upcoming conferences. We'd love to see you there. ◦