12 February 2019

NGS and Our New Website Featured by the New York Times

In the New York Times Smarter Living section 3 February 2019, journalist Jaya Saxena considers why you should “dig up your family’s history” and how to do it. Where did she go for advice?—to the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

In her article, Saxena recommends the National Genealogical Society and our website as a top choice to learn how to begin to build your personal family history. This timely article was circulated to more than four million daily readers who subscribe to the digital New York Times. It features links to NGS’s new website homepage and to our “How to Build a Family Tree” tutorial in the Free Genealogy Resources section of the website.

Please forward the Times article along to friends and family members who are just now (or not yet) discovering the joys of searching for their roots. And make sure you also share NGS’s recommended pathways at our website to learn how to research family history, at all levels of expertise: Getting Started, Going to the Next Level, or Building Advanced Skills.

If you haven’t visited the new site, log in and discover many more helpful resources available free or for members only, including online courses from home; our best-selling genealogy books; and articles in NGS Magazine, NGS Monthly, and the NGS Quarterly journal. See why the National Genealogical Society is a top choice for learning more about how to discover your family’s story and find out what all the buzz is about!

Saxena, Jaya. Why You Should Dig Up Your Family’s History−and How to Do It.3 February 2019. New York Times, Digital Replica Edition, Smarter Living Section.

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