28 August 2009

Paths to Your Past, A New Book for Beginners

NGS is pleased to offer a new publication for beginning genealogists, Paths to Your Past, edited by Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL and NGS Director of Education and Publications, with contributions from Marty Hiatt, CG. The new 57-page, soft-cover book replaces an earlier publication entitled Instructions for Beginners in Genealogy, which was last updated in 2001.

Because the Internet has drastically changed the way we search for our ancestors, the new publication has been rewritten and reorganized to help beginners get started in the search for their ancestors. It tells how to collect information from family, libraries, government agencies at all levels, and the Internet; how to record facts; and how to write citations for sources so that they or anyone else can find them again in the future if need be. You will also find suggestions for learning more about genealogy. The book also includes a glossary for often-used family research terms.

Paths to Your Past
would make an excellent addition to your library, teaching tool, or gift for friends or relatives new to genealogy. It is available in print at http://www.ngsgenealogy.org: click on Store, and search for Paths to Your Past. Please make sure you are logged on at the NGS website before proceeding to the Store. This will ensure that the member discount is applied to your purchases. The cost, which includes shipping, is $18 for members and $21 for non-members. If you teach family history research courses and would like to purchase multiple copies, a discount is available for purchases of 12 or more copies by contacting [email protected]. Look for the PDF version in the online store soon!

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