27 September 2009

Update on the Library of Michigan

by Jan Alpert, NGS President

Progress was made in September as a result of the support received from the genealogical community across the United States. NGS wants to thank everyone who signed the Records Preservation and Access Committee petition, which has been delivered to Governor Jennifer Granholm with over 6,500 signatures. I also want to thank ProQuest for providing red T-shirts for the rally in which they were very visible.

As a result of two rallies in Lansing and a barrage of letters, faxes, and calls to state legislators, Governor Granholm amended her Executive Order on 11 September 2009. Although the Governor has indicated she will not to break up the collection, the Michigan budget is still being negotiated, and we will not know the impact to the Library of Michigan until the budget is approved. On 23 September 2009, bills 5423-5446 were introduced in the Michigan House of representatives to have the Department of History, Arts and Libraries report to the Secretary of State. We will keep you advised on the UpFront with NGS Blog.

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