06 October 2009

NGS Newsletter Competitions: December 31st Deadline

Does your genealogical or historical society produce an outstanding newsletter? Is it impressive and informative? Is your society a member of NGS? If the answers are all yes, it is time for your society to nominate their newsletter for the NGS Newsletter Competition. The deadline for a society or organization to nominate a quality newsletter for the NGS Newsletter Competition is December 31, 2009. Don't delay, do it today!

There are three levels of competition:

  1. Major genealogical society newsletter
  2. Local or county genealogical/historical society newsletter
  3. Family association newsletter

To qualify, the nominating society or family association must be an NGS organizational member and must submit three copies of two consecutive issues from the current year along with a completed entry form. Check out the Awards & Competitions section of the NGS web site for details and entry forms.

The organization sponsoring the winning newsletter will receive a certificate, a one-year membership to NGS, and be featured in an article in the NGS Magazine. The runner up will receive a certificate and be featured in the NGS Magazine. Winners will be announced at the Opening Session of the NGS Conference and Family History Fair in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 28, 2010.

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