20 April 2010

New Video Feature — American Genealogy: Home Study Course

The NGS Online Video Series is now showing a new feature from our award-winning filmmakers, Kate Geis and Allen Moore. Now on the NGS website: www.ngsgenealogy.org/cs/publications/videos/interviews/about_the_ngs_home_study_course.

Elizabeth Shown Mills and others talk about our widely appreciated Home Study Course. The experts agree the Home Study Course prepares a solid foundation for all researchers.

The graduates tell us they love it because they are learning while doing their own research – a unique feature of this program. And they love it because in the graded option they get personal feedback from experts. One graduate recently called the Home Study Course “number one” in the “grand slam of genealogy.” Now that’s a compliment!

Have a look at the video for an insight into the value the Home Study Course can have for you. For details on getting started with the course, visit http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/cs/homestudy_course_cd.

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