27 July 2010

How Are We Exciting Young Genealogists?

Our recent video about Thomas Adams, recipient of the Rubincam Youth Award, proves that genealogy is truly a family affair. Upon learning that he won the award, the first person he told was his great-aunt, Rosalie T. Adams, who was instrumental in helping him discover information about his great-grandfather and grandfather.

NGS wants more young people to experience the excitement of discovering their roots. We're looking for stories about genealogy projects that families are doing together. Perhaps you're planning a road trip with research stops, recording oral histories at family gatherings, or showing your children how to sleuth for records at the library or county clerk's office. Maybe you're working together to compile and illustrate an ancestry chart, or even visiting your forebears' old stomping grounds. Now's the perfect time to engage young people in the joys of genealogy and immerse them in living history.

How are you getting the next generation interested in family history?  Share your experiences in the comments section below!


  1. I'll be doing a lecture at the FGS Conference, "Firing Up the Next Generation of Genealogists!" in which I talk about lots of ideas for different age groups. If your plan to be at the FGS Conference, come join me on Wednesday, 18 August, 9:30 am.

  2. Arlene V. Jennings, CGAugust 02, 2010 3:19 PM

    A comic book to get kids started - order online from the NGS Store

    Hunting for your Heritage

    This educational comic book, Hunting for your Heritage, introduces children to genealogy. A full color adventure story teaches children about ancestors, descendants, generations, and family trees. Help sow the seeds of genealogy by purchasing these comic books to donate to classrooms at your local school. Great as give aways for tour groups and family reunions.

  3. Check out the Genealogy Board Game for Children at the Olive Tree Genealogy blog: