01 May 2011

Now Available -- NGSQ (Volume 99, Number 1) and NGS Magazine (April/May/June 2011 edition)

The March 2011 edition of NGSQ is now available online as are past issues in the NGSQ Archives.

Feature Articles:
·        Slave Records Correct Cato West’s Confused Ancestry by Alycon Trubey Pierce, CG™
·        No Marriage Record Exists – So Who Was Ellen Waterhouse’s Husband? By Allen R. Peterson, CG™
·        “Don’t Stop There!Connecting Josias Baker to His Burke County, North Carolina, Parents by Judy G. Russell, J.D.
·        Mary Cussins, Mother of Tensaw Settlement Survivors Margaret (Dyer) Powell and Martha (Dyer) Weatherford by Deanna M. Slappey
·        George Craig of Howard County, Missouri: Genetic and Documentary Evidence of His Ancestry by B. Darrell Jackson, Ph.D., CG™

In addition to other regular features.

The April/May/June edition of the NGS Magazine is now available online as are past issues in the NGS Magazine Archives.

Feature Articles:
·        Using OCR to search city directories by address by Jessica Albert, MLIS
·        Proving or disproving famiy legends by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG™
·       Military service in the “War to End All Wars,” by John P Deeben
·       Old envelopes and postcards reveal incorrect veteran statuses in the 1930 U.S., census, by James R Miller
·       Reading history by Regina Heffelfinger Fallace
·       Evidence: Will you answer when genealgoical opportunity knocks?, by Harold Henderson
·       Why was Joseph Gosling buried in Ann Arbor?, by Carol Cooke Darrow, CG™
·       Thinking in Soundex, by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens
·       Who IS that witness?, by Robert Erland

In addition to other regular features.

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  1. I'm glad to see the blog posting these tables of contents. I was doing it for several years on Genea-Musings because nobody else was and I thought that it was an easy way to get the word out - especially when someone does a search for a surname and a place name.

  2. Thanks for your comment Randy ... I agree that it makes the published information more easy to find if it shows up in a search and for me it kind of makes the publications less of a black box -- with secret contents ...

    Appreciate your having done this in the past! And, feel free to drop us a note if we "forget" in the future ...