08 June 2020

A Message for Change from NGS

Dear NGS Members and Friends,

As genealogists, we root our passion for family history in using records from the past. It helps us to understand our families, our history, and ourselves. Looking to history can help all of us better understand the long struggle to fight for equality, justice, and fairness in the face of racial disparity.

That makes our genealogical community an important part of the support, understanding, and actions needed so that all racial and ethnic communities receive fairness and equality.

The flow of American history brought all of us here. As genealogists, it is time for us to acknowledge our past, open our minds and hearts, and build a stronger and more just society. The National Genealogical Society encourages our members to begin an honest dialogue about racism, social justice, and equality.

We share these resources to stimulate dialogue:
The National Genealogical Society takes these issues seriously and we are here to support our members in this learning process.


The National Genealogical Society

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