20 January 2022

The January–March 2022 Issue of NGS Magazine is Now Online

The January–March 2022 Issue of the NGS Magazine is Now Online

The January–March 2022 issue of NGS Magazine, Volume 48, Number 1, is being printed and is now available online in the Members Only section of the website. The USPS is still experiencing long delays in some areas for the delivery of print copies.

EDITOR'S NOTE by Deb Cyprych

This issue’s theme features the people and records of California and the West, in celebration of the NGS Family History Conference this May in Sacramento, California. Genealogists across the country are anticipating the opportunity to share and learn together at the first in-person NGS conference in three years. (Virtual and package options are also available.)

Conference attendees can take advantage of the proximity of the California History Section of the California State Library in Sacramento. Another section of the California State Library is the Sutro Library in San Francisco. Angela Maani and Dvorah Lewis describe the multitude of genealogical resources in both collections.

From 1819 to the 1960s, thousands of Indigenous children were relocated to Indian boarding schools in twenty-nine states, usually far from their homes, under the US government’s forced assimilation policy. Judy Nimer Muhn discusses the history of the boarding schools, the traumatic experiences endured by many children, and the resources available for researching the schools and the students.

Records created since about 1906 at Mexican border crossing stations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas provide rich biographical details. Colleen Robledo Greene explains border crossing manifest cards and sheets, associated records, and strategies for accessing them.

Two articles continue the census theme of the last issue, leading up to the release of the 1950 US census on 1 April. Shelley Bishop covers the evolution and specifics of enumeration practices and instructions from 1880 to 1950, and Kathy Petlewski explores the value and variety of state census records, which include some questions not asked in federal censuses.

David Rencher examines the history and achievements of the Stern-NARA Gift Fund, which has facilitated the microfilming and digitization of millions of documents in the National Archives through the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, Preserve the Pensions—War of 1812, the US-Mexican War Project, and many other projects.

Scott Holl profiles the winners of the 2021 SLAM! Idea Showcase. SLAM! stands for Societies, Libraries, Archives, and Museums, and members of organizations may glean ideas to consider for their own projects. Paul Woodbury makes recommendations for analyzing and interpreting a test taker's closest autosomal DNA matches, and Carla Cegielski offers useful tools for understanding and calculating dates in genealogical research.



  • Stern-NARA Gift Fund: Together, Genealogists Have Made a Difference! by David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FUGA, FIGRS
  • NGS 2022 Family History Conference: Striking Genealogical Gold in Sacramento by Kathleen O. Beitiks
  • Genealogy Research at the California State Library by Angela Maani and Dvorah Lewis
  • Researching Children in Indian Boarding Schools by Judy Nimer Muhn
  • Researching Mexican Families in Border Crossing Records by Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS
  • The Evolution of US Census Instructions: Part Two, 1880 to 1950 by Shelley Bishop


  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE by Kathryn M. Doyle
  • EDITOR'S NOTE by Deb Cyprych
    • Genealogical Gems in State Census Records by Kathy Petlewski, MSLS
    • 2021 NGS SLAM! Idea Showcase Projects by Scott Holl, MLIS
    • The Closest Autosomal DNA Matches by Paul Woodbury
    • Calendar Tools and Calculators for Genealogy by Carla S. Cegielski

NGS Magazine is published quarterly to update members of the National Genealogical Society on NGS activities and to provide genealogists with special information and guidance on conducting effective genealogical research. The magazine is sent to libraries by subscription. Online access to NGS Magazine is available only as long as membership is active.

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