25 January 2011

Lots and Lots of Photos

You might remember that in December we talked about Videos Videos Everywhere! Now it’s time for photos to take a front seat!  You will find many collections of interest on Flick.  I think of Flickr as a large collection of photo albums, with many viewable by the public.

Some of the larger collections on Flickr that might interest genealogists are:
·        Library of Congress: in remembrance of the Union and Confederate soldiers who served in the American Civil War (1861-1865), the Liljenquist family recently donated their rare collection of almost 700 ambrotype and tintype photographs to the Library of Congress (LOC). These are posted online in the Flickr photostream Civil War Faces.

·        With the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War this year, in addition to the LOC collection mentioned is a photostream called Civil War sites & Memorials Today with over 15,000 photos, and one titled Gettysburg with over 12,000 photos.
·        Smithsonian
·        State Library and Archives of Florida, North Carolina State Archives, State Records NSW’s photostream along with other state and national archival collections.
·        New York Public Library

And, it’s not just large entities or events like we’ve already discussed.  There is a Genealogy Group Pool, which currently has over 7,800 images, and one titled 100 years old, where photos have to be at least 100 years old, that has almost 17,000 images.  There are some groups of old photographs that have over 50,000 images each! 

I suspect by now that if you didn’t know how Flickr might help your genealogy research, you do now.  Even if a photo of your ancestor isn’t yet posted, there are probably photos to be found relevant to where he lived, who he lived near, the church he attended, the establishments he conducted business with, etc.

Have you made a great find on Flickr or used it related to your genealogy research. Is there a Flickr photostream for a genealogy-focused society, archive, etc. we haven’t mentioned?  Do you know of a great photo collection not mentioned above? If so, please drop a comment.  We’d like to hear from you whether you have made that great find or are an active supplier of photos.

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