02 August 2011

Personal Rosetta Stones -- High-Tech Tombstone Technology

Now we can truly “speak from the grave.”  RosettaStone™ now allows one to affix a tablet or disk to a tombstone, monument, etc, which contains a microchip containing GeoLocation information, one photo and over 1000 words of text. Another option is the placement of an aluminum tag which uses a 2D Barcode/QR Code.

Learn more about this exciting new technology!

Editor’s Note: There “were” many articles published on this technology in June.  Since these links may not be to “permanent” articles, they may or may not work now that it’s August.

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  1. Editor -- This comment was received in response to this post. For some reason the author's post has not shown up here and so it is being provided for your information ...


    Exception taken: We at Memory Medallion Inc. (see memorymedallion.com) hold Patents that we believe are being violated by this Rosetta Stone product mentioned in your Up Front With NGS blog. (see US Patents, 7254666, 7395960) This product being referred to in this recent NGS article is not offered to the consumer with any Patent protection nor do we believe it can acquire it as it essentially falls under our previously reserved entitlements. We have, since our inception in 2001, had on staff a Certified Genealogist and taken much effort to make all attempts to properly embrace the importance of making family history information an integral part of memorialization and are in the process of procuring Certification with Family Search. We are already registered to exhibit at the NGS Conference in Cincinnati and have been past participants as well. We will be pursuing our options related to confronting Rosetta Stone directly as to their ability to market this product but we feel compelled to put your readers on notice of our position related to this product. We have worked hard to seek proper registration and IP entitlements for this type of product and will not quietly allow these many years of labor to be easily undone.
    Glenn Toothman, CEO Memory Medallion

  2. Editor: Yesterday, my local newspaper printed an article,
    "App lets the dead live on visitors' phones"
    http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/08/15/1413417/app-lets-the-dead-live-on-visitors.html#ixzz1VCo1YLwK (originally published by The Seattle Times) about tombstone technology using QR codes.

    Clearly, we are seeing a plethora of new technology being created which allows information about the deceased to be stored and/or accessible from a tombstone -- they all appear to be ways to allow descendants and interested individuals to get a more 3-D view of those who preceded us.

  3. And, just over a year later, here is an article about the use of QR code for headstones, http://www.npr.org/2012/09/29/162011967/qr-codes-for-headstones-keep-dearly-departed-close