20 August 2014

Disappearing smells and sounds -- can we bottle them?

I first came across a post 11 Smells That Are Slowly Disappearing which then indirectly got me to 11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard.

I have to say that the #1 listed disappearing smell, Spirit Duplicators, rang a bell for me.  I used to have responsibility for producing many a purple “ditto” sheets for teachers, groups meeting and much more.  Ahhh ... another bit of my childhood which is a distant memory and definitely not an experience my children had.  #4 also caught my eye – freshly-opened Polaroid Film. My dad was big into cameras and that included a Polaroid camera.

I had to laugh at the #1 listed disappearing sound – Rotary Dial Telephone as just the other night I was explaining to my daughter (something mentioned in a movie we were watching reminded me of these phones) about how they worked.  So many times I would get part way through a phone number and then my finger slipped and I had to start all over again!  And, thinking back to photography -- #4 – Flash Cube was another classic sound heard in my household.

Though myself and my kids are now used to get a gazillion (or so it seems) tv channels which are always on, I do remember when each station would shut off and you just got the static until the station re-started in the morning.  I also remember when we only got about 4 channels and we had to turn the dial to shift our antenna since it had to be pointing in the correct direction for each channel to display properly.  I can say, as a person who has a digital tuner and still periodically catches channels over the air, I’ve given my kids a flash-back experience as I’ve had them adjust the antenna to get better reception .

Which of the listed items got your old-factory or auditory memories flowing?

Just think, our ancestors could have created similar lists as elements of their life disappeared.  What might a list of 11 Smells That Disappeared by 1900 look like? or Sounds That Your Grandparents Never Heard (that their parents did)?

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