22 October 2010

Do You Like “To Test” New Things?

If you answered yes, go check out the new Ancestry.com Labs. Many of you may be familiar with FamilySearch Labs, a similar area which has been run by FamilySearch since 2007.

As stated by Ancestry.com, “This is a separate site where we can give you a sneak preview of new ideas and concepts for helping family history research (but that are not yet ready for prime time). Most importantly for us, it gives us a chance to hear feedback directly from our most passionate users … The projects we will place in this area may be in beta (like Ancestry Wiki) or they may be early prototypes. Some of these may make their way into the main Ancestry.com site, others may not. Much depends on your feedback.”

The first idea you can test is called “Person View.” It’s a new way to search the Ancestry.com collections and also a way to find records on the web that match your query (from outside of Ancestry.com’s collections) and then link these external records to your family tree.

You can access Person View from the labs website and you can see a quick demo of how Person View works.

Do check out both of these "Labs" sites. They provide a great opportunity for you to provide feedback to these genealogy resource providers about how to best deliver their information to their customers!

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