08 October 2010

I Found It In The Archives

I was just reading about all the exciting programs taking place to celebrate North Carolina Archives Week and was reminded that October is National Archives Month.

The slogan for the 2010 month-long celebration is “I Found It In The Archives.” This means that once again archives all across the country are celebrating with special events and activities designed to raise public awareness of the role of archives in our daily lives.

National Archives Month is an opportunity for large and small archives to raise awareness about the value of archives and archivists. As genealogists and family historians, we know that both archives and archivists are critical to the success of our research. How many times have we been helped by an archivist who pointed us in new research directions, made us aware of an obscure document collection, or just made sure we knew how to use the archive?

The Council of State Archivists keeps a running list of events of participating states. See if your state archives has some fun and educational activities scheduled.

Several state archival organizations have produced posters to mark the occasion. Please enjoy this gallery of some of those posters!

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