12 October 2010

October Is Also Family History Month

October Is Also Family History Month

What a great month for genealogists and family historians! Besides National Archives Month which we’ve already talked about, October is also Family History Month.

The Congressional record published 26 September 2001 stated the following:
• “Within the last month some 14,167,329 have researched their family history and 24 million people have used the web and email to locate family …”
• “At present there are some 2,500 genealogical societies in the United States that represent approximately one million people.”
• “Genealogy is currently the 2nd largest hobby in the country and is very unique in that it crosses over all religions, ethnic backgrounds, and age groups.”

There were similar declarations made in subsequent years. Though it has been a few years since Congress has made such an “official” declaration, the tradition of celebrating family history in the month of October remains as various localities and states, such as Virginia, continue to proclaim October as Family History Month.

The official blog of the US Census Bureau, Random Samplings, estimates that there are “over 80 million people [now] researching their family histories”

One recommendation frequently made as a way to celebrate this month is to join a genealogical society! Any genealogist can benefit by joining their national society (NGS), a state society (conduct a quick search on your state’s name and genealogical society), or their local community’s genealogical society. Many state societies maintain a database or list of county-level organizations.

Regardless of whether you are a member or plan to join a genealogical society, do see how Family History Month is being celebrated in your community. There are many free and open to the public events being held around the country this October to help bring family historians together.

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