15 October 2010

Home Movie Day -- 16 October 2010

October sure is a busy month! Since I'm writing this on the 15th and this event is tomorrow, the 16th, I figured I'd better get the news to you before it's too late!

Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at many local venues worldwide.

Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors' in turn. It's a chance to discover why to care about these films and to learn how best to care for them.

Your home movies are probably a lot more interesting than you remember! Most Home Movie Day events are free and open to the public, and offer expert evaluation of films brought in by participants as well as an opportunity to see your very own films in an open screening. If you have home movies on film that you've never seen, or haven't watched since you inherited them from your grandparents--don't let your films decay! Take them to Home Movie Day! Click here to find the Home Movie Day event nearest you.

Though I won't be attending this year, here is a still from the oldest home movie I have. This was taken 1964 or 1965 and it is my dad, my sister Debbie, myself and my mom. And, it's fitting for me to post this photo today as my mom would have been 73 today if she was alive. Even my gap-toothed cat-eyed glassed grin doesn't take away from how happy we all look.

You may find that you have hidden "gems" like this stored away on your own home movies. Even if you cannot attend a formal event, blow the dust off your stored movies, sit back, watch and enjoy.

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