31 October 2013

Globalism in Genealogy Webinars! Foreign to us languages are less of a barrier than ever before!


Recently, I have been invited to attend a couple of non-US (and one non-English) webinars on genealogy research. 

I didn’t attend one because it was in Spanish and my Spanish-speaking daughter is away at college and the other took place at 4am EST! I was sorry to miss them and fortunately, both webinars have been archived and are available to those of us who did miss them.

It is very exciting that the genealogical webinar community is now truly becoming more and more global.

Let me share a bit more about these two webinars:

1. Genealogy: Latin American Immigration to Brazil (in Spanish). This webinar was streamed live on 25 October 2013.  It was introduced by Sonia Meza Morales (Red de Antepasados (Ancestors Network)) and the presenter was Adriana Weber who shared her lecture given at the Ibero-American Genealogy Conference held in Utah, from 9 to 14 September 2013. Even if you don't speak Spanish, the presentation slides are easy to understand and you can always use a translation service (such as Google Translate) to help translate what is not obvious.

Red de Antepasados also has a Youtube channel where there are many other archived webinars (all in Spanish) including:
- Genealogy: In search of your Italian roots II
- Basic notes for the novice Genealogist
- Genealogy: Learn how to create your own blog

Genealogía: La inmigración de América Latina al Brasil (en español). Este seminario se transmitió en vivo el 25 de octubre de 2013. Fue introducido por Sonia Meza Morales (Red de Antepasados (Antepasados Network)) y la presentadora fue Adriana Weber quien compartió su conferencia pronunciada en la Conferencia Genealogía Iberoamericana celebrada en Utah, del 9 al 14 septiembre de 2013. Incluso si usted no habla español, las diapositivas de presentación son fáciles de entender y que siempre puede utilizar un servicio de traducción (Como Google Translate) para ayudar a traducir lo que no es evidente.

Red de Antepasados también tiene un canal de Youtube, donde hay muchos otros webinars archivados (todos en español), como:
- Genealogía: En la búsqueda de tus raíces italianas II
- Apuntes básicos para el Genealogista principiante
- Genealogía: Aprenda a crear tu propio blog

2. GeniAus Hangout on Air (in English). This webinar was streamed live on 30 October 2013.  It was run by Jill Ball. It discussed items of interest to genealogists down under but warmly welcomed participants from all over the globe. This is the first in what is hoped to become a continuing webinar series.

Do you know of other non-US and/or non-English archived webinars that would be of interest and/or relevance to our global genealogical community?

[French] Vous connaissez des webinaires de généalogie en français?

[German] Wissen, dass Genealogie Webinare auf Deutsch?

[Norwegian] Vet om slektsforskning webinarer i norsk?

[Yiddish] ?וויסן פון קיין ייחוס וועבינאַרס אין ייִדיש

[Irish] Know d'aon webinars ginealais i nGaeilge?

Editor’s Note: A big thanks to Dear Myrtle (aka Pat Richley-Erickson) for bringing these webinars to our attention.

Editor's Note: All translation was done using Google Translate though a Spanish-speaker did help clean up the Spanish-language entry; please take that into account.

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