23 July 2015

Facebook (FB) + NGS = Lots of neat news about genealogy & history-related resources!

Psssst ... I have a secret ... when you read Upfront with NGS you aren't seeing all the neat genealogy news items I stumble across ....

Last month I talked about Facebook (FB) as a wonderful and FREE resource, Facebook (FB) -- Are you taking advantage of its wonderful and FREE genealogical resources?

Today, as I was sharing (“sharing” is how a post on FB from one source can be reposted to one’s own timeline, the timeline of a friend, or in my case to a “page I manage”) news items found on FB to the NGS FB page, it dawned on me that if you are reading the content of Upfront with NGS via an email feed, Google+, or Twitter, you are missing out on the content that is cross-posted ONLY on the NGS FB page

I visit FB somewhere between 3-4 times a day for a few minutes at time to just “trawl” for news items of interest.  Since most of the feeds that I see are genealogically related, they are ripe to be “shared” (aka reposted) to the NGS FB page and I do so. Most of this is content that isn’t quite suited to become a full-fledged Upfront with NGS post for a variety of reasons and yet it’s news important to our family history community.  The end result is a “share” to the NGS FB page!

For example, over the last two weeks, I have “shared” on FB the following posts which did not (nor will not) become Upfront with NGS posts:

  • Holding heritage in their hands – newspaper article regarding family members visiting the area where their ancestors lived and seeing a family bible
  • The American civil war then and now -- Superimposing historic images over moderns ones is always fascinating and when you add in some audio to give context to the images they become even more haunting
  • Reminder about the summer season of WDYTYA? starting this Sunday on TLC
  • Genealogy Camp for Kids at NARA
  • New York pauper’s cemetery opens to mourners for first time -- We've blogged about this cemetery before, Hart Island -- NYC’s Public Burial Ground -- Over 1 Million Burials -- Trying to Reveal Their Stories,http://upfront.ngsgenealogy.org/…/hart-island-nycs-public-b…, and now here's a post about the cemetery being open to mourners in a less limited fashion than was available before.
  • A cartoon “Why Einstein Quickly moved on to General Relativity”
  • Mocavo free weekend to try premium Gold features (it was this past weekend)
  • The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá -- after a hospital error, two pairs of Colombian identical twins were raised as two pairs of fraternal twins.
  • Perry donates “invaluable’ historic papers to County Archives – large part of local history restored after 1878 courthouse fire
  • Marie Curie’s Research Papers Are Still Radioactive 100+ Years Later – a challenge to archives access we don’t often think of
And, there are dialogues that take place on a FB page that you don't see elsewhere.  Due to the nature of FB, “you” the reader can easily post comments to a post or another readers’ comment.  This can create a dynamic platform for sharing thoughts, reactions, related information and so much more with members of our genealogical community!  We love when people post comments!

You probably won’t find every news item of equal interest.  I know that I don’t.  That’s why the scrolling nature of looking through posts on my FB wall can be easy and painless.  I just scroll down the page and only stop when I see something new (some news does end up reposted many times) and it gets my attention.  I then check it out, assess if I think it’s interesting enough to share, and then do so with a brief introductory sentence.

I always keep my FB “News Feed” organized via “Most Recent.”  This means that when later in the day (or the next day or sometimes a few days later) I revisit my FB page, I can just scroll down until I see the last post from my previous session.  This makes it easy to be efficient as I “trawl” for news that I think will interest NGS members either as the basis for an Upfront with NGS post or as a “share” on FB.

So, if you aren’t yet on FB or have not yet “liked” the NGS FB Page, you might be missing out on some interesting tidbits of news.

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