07 November 2015

FREE Access to Ancestry Military Records via Ancestry.com (US), Ancestry.ca (Canada) & Ancestry.co.uk (UK) -- November 6-11, 2015

Page for Ancestry.ca (Canada) military research when you select "Search Free" in box stating FREE ACCESS -- Explore global military records (see Ancestry.com example below)

Ancestry.com is making some of its military collection FREELY accessible November 6-11, 2015.  This is in honor of Remembrance weekend (Canada and England) and Veterans Day (US). I only checked these three countries.  There may also be similar free access for other countries.  Please do check and let us know where else you were able to gain free access.

A list of the military records collection holdings can be found here (Canada) and here (US) respectively.  Records also include those who served in the military in the UK and other countries.  

Ancestry.com (US) version showing FREE ACCESS mention
Ancestry (UK) version showing free access -- www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/remembrance

Not all military records are available and when you search, it’s pretty clear what is and is not included.

As always, you will need to be “registered” with Ancestry to be able to view any records found via the search engine! If you attempt to access Ancestry say through the Canadian or UK sites or vice versa, Ancestry typically redirects you to the country of your IP address though you can opt to continue access through the original Ancestry site you accessed.

What a great way to remember those who have served as we spend the next few days honoring their contributions to our great countries.

My grandfather served in WWII in England and I have his service record.  The current records for the UK include WWI and maybe I'll find a grandparent or great uncle who served!

Did you find something new about an ancestor who served in the military?

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