22 December 2016

Happy Holidays from NGS


Dear Members and Friends of the National Genealogical Society,

As we bustle about during the holiday season, we see friends, family, and even strangers wishing one another a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays. It’s the time of year where we see people smile more often, reach out to one another, and reconnect with friends and family. But as genealogists, we enjoy connecting with family, and connecting the dots in our family tree, all year long.

In the days ahead, as we gather with family, it is the perfect time to acquaint our younger relations with the joy of discovering family history. Photographs and documents can introduce them to their ancestors and relate the stories of family members who are long gone—but live on through their genetic connection to us. Exploring your family history together can help children feel a greater sense of connection with their family and heritage and provide memories that will stay with them wherever they go. And, of course, it is never too early to begin grooming the next generation of genealogists to carry on our work.

On behalf of the NGS Board of Directors and staff, I wish you and your family a happy and festive holiday season. I hope everyone enjoys a happy, healthy, and productive new year and that we will see you when our genealogy family gathers at the NGS Conference in May in Raleigh, N.C.


Ben Spratling
National Genealogical Society


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