12 December 2016

Holiday Gifts to You -- Genealogy Style -- 15 Free and (Relatively) New Family History Resources -- Part 3

Part 3

The holiday season is a period of gift giving.  My gift to you is another series of editions of FREE and (Relatively) New Genealogy and Family History Resources, the 2016 Holiday Version ...

Check out Re-cap – 20 Free and (Relatively) New Genealogy and Family History Resources, 2016 Version – 5 parts post (March 2016) where I did a recap of the 2015 and early 2016 editions. 



3.    GenTeam (Die genealogische Datenbank) – collection currently contains almost 15.5 million entries

5.    War Memorials (UK)

11. Washington State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals published opinions – dating back through territorial days.
12. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College campus archive (student newspaper = The Norsewind) and Yearbooks (1926-2002), etc
14. Bishop’s Bank of Philadelphia (via Villanova University) -- It consists of three ledgers, each of about 700 pages, which note the money deposits made by working Catholics into what was popularly known as the Bishop's Bank in Philadelphia.

Editor’s Note: As of today, each of the above links worked.  Now, whether the links in any of the identified articles work, I cannot vouch for that.  And, armed with the information provided, it should be relatively easy to get to determine where the discussed database currently resides.  If you get really stuck, drop me an email and I’ll try to ferret out the recalcitrant link or cross out my entry in the above list!

Editor’s Note: Know of a neat resource that you think might be a hidden gem?  Drop an email to [email protected].

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