08 November 2010

Busy Blogging Benefits Billions

Okay, the last bit in the title might be an exaggeration (we needed another “B” word to keep our alliteration going). The advent of the blog format has allowed everyone to have a greater voice and more platforms to “share the word.” Blogs are a great way to create community and they benefit from the fact that every reader is an expert on various topics. Why not share your ideas, comments, etc., with the rest of us?

Given that, let’s talk about ways that you can help make Upfront with NGS, or any other blog, a great and dynamic resource for you and the genealogy community at large.

1. Have you noticed a mistake (e.g., when we posted the wrong end date for the upcoming SLC Research trip)? Post a “comment” to point out that a mistake was made and provide the correct information.

Note: At the bottom of every Upfront with NGS blog post (and this is true for most blogs) there are three options: post a comment (the word comments preceded by a number indicating how many comments have been posted), forward the post to friends (an envelope with an arrow), or provide a reaction (funny, interesting, or cool). Click on the word “COMMENTS” and you will be taken to something that looks like this. All you do is type your comment, click on “Post Comment,” and you are done. By just taking a moment, you have now become a part of the dynamic world of blogging.

2. Did you have a great time on the most recent SLC Research trip and want to encourage others to participate? Post a “comment” to that effect (or forward the post to a friend with a personal comment).

3. Do you know of a great resource that would help your fellow genealogists (e.g., online voter lists) that we didn’t mention? Post a “comment” sharing the great resource(s) that you found.

4. Do you have a question about a blog post that makes you wonder about something about NGS (e.g. Does NGS have a Facebook page, YouTube page or Twitter account?)? Post a “comment” with your question(s)? Someone from NGS will respond. The answer to our sample question is, yes, NGS does have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a presence on YouTube.

5. Have you had success with a mentioned resource, enjoyed a certain NGS member benefit, or had a memorable time at an NGS event, etc.? Post a “comment” and share your experience with others.

Blogs are dynamic. They are not meant to be only one “voice.” They are designed for reader participation. Feel free to make that happen for the Upfront with NGS blog! We want to hear what you have to say.

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