16 March 2011

Celebrate Genealogy Research Day (Sweden) With FREE Access This Weekend!


Celebrate the “Genealogy Research Day with us”

“Genealogy Research Day” (Sweden) will be celebrated around the country again on Saturday, March 19th 2011. In many places the local genealogical societies, archives and libraries will be hosting this event. Genealogy Research Day is a chance for many, both new and experienced genealogy researchers to meet and exchange experiences.


Special ADOnLine2 “Genealogy Research Day” free research offer

ArkivDigital and our online service ADOnLine2, will be free of charge this weekend, March 19th to 20th. We hope that this offer also will help genealogical societies and archives to demonstrate, in the best possible way, what modern genealogical research is all about.


Special prices on “1 Year” and “2 Years” subscriptions

From March 16th through April 3rd 2011 you can purchase any of these subscriptions at special prices. You have now the opportunity to purchase one year for only 995 SEK (regular price SEK 1195) or two years for only 1750 SEK (regular price SEK 2390). These offers apply only to individuals. (Approximately exchange rates 2011.03.15; 995.00 SEK = 154 USD = 111 EUR)


How do I get access to ArkivDigital for free?

To get access to ArkivDigital’s service ADOnLine2 for free, you’ll have to go through a few steps. It’s not difficult and you should be able to make it if you follow the steps below carefully:
  1. Register with us
    • If you are already registered, go to the next paragraph.
    • If you are not registered as a member before, you will have to do the following: Go to: http://www.arkivdigital.net/users/register and fill in the information requested. Be extra careful to write the correct email address and password you choose. The password must be at least 6 characters long.
  2. Install the program ADOnLine2, http://www.arkivdigital.net/products/adonline/installation. If you do not have the latest version, we advise you to install it now. The latest version is called 1.4.1 (rev 511). You can check which version you have if you have the application running, press the “Hjälp” (Help) menu and then click “Om” (About).
  3. During installation, you will be asked some questions. You must respond to them "positively" and when the installation is complete, you will have a new icon on your desktop called ADOnLine2.
  4. Double-click the icon to start the program.
  5. Now the login box appears. Please enter your login information (email and password). Be sure to enter exactly the same way as you did when you registered. It is a difference between capital and lowercase letters. If you receive an error regarding “e-post/lösenord” (email address/password) there is something wrong. Click to clear the error messages and then on the File menu and login. Now, the login box appears again. Erase all information and fill in the information again.
  6. Once you have logged in you can start your research.
  7. To the left is a list of records archive holders. Search for "your" parish in the list or type it directly into the search field above. Click on the name to choose.
  8. To the right a list of volumes from your chosen parish appears. Search for the right volume in the list and double click the left mouse button to open the volume.
  9. When the volume is opened, you can browse by clicking the -5, -1, +1 and +5 buttons or make a direct choice in the drop-down list (between the -1 and +1 buttons).
  10. On the installation page you will also find a manual for the program.

Frequently asked questions and problems

  • I already have a subscription – How can I benefit from this offer?
    Answer: We will extend all current subscriptions with two extra days for free.
  • If you have problems with the program and want help, please give us as much information as possible in your first contact with us; which version you use and what type of operation caused the error. Please include the information of any error messages. The more information you can supply the quicker we can help you – thank you in advance
  • If you want to try to solve the problem on your own you can try to install an older version of the program. At the bottom of the Setup page we provide links to older versions. Sometimes they work better.
  • If you have automatic login checked and are receiving an error message regarding “e-post/lösenord” (email address/password), Click to clear the error messages and then on the “Arkiv” menu (File), then click “Logga In” (Log in). Now, the login box appears again. Erase all information and type them in again carefully.


During the weekend we will answer questions as soon as we can. Sometimes there is a lot of questions and it may take a little while before you get an answer, but we will answer all questions. It is always best to send questions via email to: [email protected]

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