14 May 2012

NBC NOT Renewing Who Do You Think You Are

Thomas MacEntee via Facebook (FB) shared that NBC is NOT renewing Who Do You Think They Are.  Here’s Ancestry.com’s response on Market Watch.

What’s your reaction? Post a comment!

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  1. If NBC drops the series, I hope it will be picked up by PBS, or maybe one of the cable stations. Perhaps the time slot, or the network, wasn't a very good match.

  2. This is an excellent show, so of course they will drop it, its not a trashy Real Housewives of anything, a Survivor, a weight loss, or a cop show.
    Finally something for the rest of us to watch and they will not renew it.
    This is a family show and all ages can watch it together, maybe give some of our young people pride and interest in their heritage instead of their instant gratification mentality.
    I guess this does not fit into the "greed" mentality of TV. We will just go to another channel and watch Henry Gates.

  3. This really disappoints me. The program has piqued an interest in my older daughter about her family history. It's a shame that NBC has decided to drop the only quality reality show in their lineup. I guess they'd rather pander to those who want the bickering and animosity on the other reality shows. I actually doesn't surprise me... Bread and circuses, etc.

  4. I'm sorry to hear Who Do You Think You Are is not being renewed. While using well-known people drew the viewers, it would have been nice had they occasionally used a "regular" person who had a brick wall and not the resources to travel and hire professional genealogists.

  5. Please keep "Who Do You Think You Are" on the schedule..you might have more people watching IF on occassion you featured an ordinary person and helped them locate there ancestors.. just watching this show gives you hints about places to search ..enjoyed the episode where you were in the DAR Library..

  6. It would be appropriate for people send an email to NBC protesting, and asking them to reconsider cancelling this program. it is the only program that really illustrates the process of genealogy research. The Henry Louis Gates program, excellent as it is, relies more on telling the stories of their stars and discussing the importance of DNA.

    It is easy to protest this, and sometimes networks have brought back programs they said they were cancelling IF enough people pay attention and tell them they are watching. Also, let them know where you live.

    All you have to do is go to http://www.nbc.com/contact/general and click on "select program" find "Who Do You Think You Are?" and when the email template comes up, tell them you think you are a viewer and you want to continue watching this quality program.

    Can't hurt, might help.

  7. another stupid decison by nbc
    i will be watching only TWO hours of their
    progamming this fall and that includes trying out the new show that follows law and order svu

    the rest of the networks have cancelled some of my favorite shows and i will not watch new ones they offer. down to one hour on fox BONES

    i used to watch 35 or more hours a week (retired) and as kathy bates said on the last
    harry's "i am not in the 18-49 age group"
    and they just dont think that we count or spend money they think we are too old!!!

    i have emailed all the networks, they don't
    care anyway
    just my opinion thanks for letting me vent!

  8. On a related note, BYUtv's Generations project is coming to an end. Read an article at http://jonesandrelated.blogspot.com/2012/05/generations-project-ends-series.html and catch some of the series shows at http://byutv.org/show/6f62558b-fc6f-49c5-b8c6-2473785a5b44/the-generations-project. Unlike WDYTYA, this series focused on everyday people.