14 February 2014

Upfront Mini Bytes – Allen County Library, Minneapolis Directories, Petersburg AK and Australia newspapers, Methodists, TN Tax Record, Music, and African-American Funeral Programs

Welcome to our newest edition of our bi-weekly feature Upfront Mini Bytes.  In Upfront Mini Bytes we provide eight tasty bits of genealogy news that will help give you a deeper byte into your family history research. Each item is short and sweet.  We encourage you to check out the links to articles, blog posts, resources, and anything genealogical!

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The Allen County Library (Fort Wayne) is a massive library chock full of wonderful genealogical treasures.  There is a guide written by Harold Henderson, CG, The Genealogist's Unofficial One-Stop Guide to the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, which will help you take advantage of all that the library has to offer family historians.
A neat collection of Minneapolis City Directories, 1859-1917.

Newspapers – what’s not to love?  The Petersburg (AK) Public Library has placed newspapers from 1913-1922 online including editions from about 7 newspapers.

Are there any UK Methodists in your family tree?  Learn more about the history of this faith and also how to research your family history via Methodist Heritage and also My Methodist History (which encompasses Wesleyan Methodist and Primitive Methodist ancestors).

It’s nice to sometimes report on a partnership with Ancestry.com that is a bit more intimate than those with NARA, etc.  Last year, the Tennessee State Library and Archives partnered with Ancestry.com to digitize the extant tax records from 1783-1895 covering 71 (of 95) Tennessee counties.  As someone who often researches Tennessee ancestry, though not always knowing in which county they lived, this is a great way to do some broader research.  When you find an entry, you can then see the original image.

I love obscure databases as they can be invaluable to our research!  Did you know that there is a Music Copyright Infringement Resource?  If your ancestor wrote some music, let’s hope they weren’t sued or at least were the complainant.

Another massive online newspaper collection (over 10 million newspaper pages) – Trove: Digitised Newspapers And More (Australia).

Neat collection -- African American Funeral Programs from the East Central Georgia Regional Library.  This collection consists of over one thousand funeral programs ranging from 1933 to 2008 (with the bulk of the collection beginning in the 1960s).

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