07 March 2016

20 Free and (Relatively) New Genealogy and Family History Resources - 2016 Version Part 1

I have my annual present for you ... Just over a year ago, I did a multi-part years “20 Free and (Relatively) New Genealogy and Family History Resources” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7)

As I trawl genealogy newsletters, blogs, and elsewhere, I kept an email folder of all the news items that aren’t “big enough” for a full post and yet sound useful for genealogists and family historians.  These range from how-to type information to databases.  There is so much information out there and it’s impossible to fully blog about most of it.

In order that those collected don’t go to waste, I am again planning to create a few posts where I present you with 20 “relatively” new resources and the associated hyperlink.  That’s it; a very no frills list. If the title doesn’t convey enough info I will add a note about what content caught my eye ...

I will be doing this from oldest to youngest in my queue – so, some of these may seem familiar to you and probably less familiar as I get to the more recently collected pieces.

2.     Canadiana.org -- a coalition of memory institutions dedicated to providing broad access to Canada's documentary heritage.

3.     IGP Headstone Project [Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives] – over 85,000 Headstones

9.     Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – Digital Volumes – vaccination registers covering 1801-1831 (fascinating!)
10. Lane’s Masonic Records -- John Lane’s Masonic Records 1717-1894 is an authoritative listing of all the lodges established by the English Grand Lodges from the foundation of the first Grand Lodge in 1717 up until 1894.
11. Last Chance to Read (Free to signup, $ to access pages) (UK & Ireland) – over 4000 newspapers
12. Bedlam Burial Ground Register -- register of over 5,000 people buried at the Bedlam Burial Ground at Liverpool Street in the City of London

15. U.S. Serial Set – Starts 1817 and contains the House and Senate Documents and the House and Senate Reports & American State Papers -- the legislative and executive documents of Congress during the period 1789 to 1838
18. Penn Libraries Launches ‘OPenn’ Digital Resources Online Platform -- Some rare books and manuscripts from Penn Libraries can now be accessed online
19. Congregational Library & Archives, History Matters – Series I: Church Records -- This series contains collections of church records documenting early Puritan, Congregational, and Christian (denomination) history in New England

Editor’s Note: As of today, each of the above links worked.  Now, whether the links in any of the identified articles work, I cannot vouch for that.  And, armed with the information provided, it should be relatively easy to get to determine where the discussed database currently resides.  If you get really stuck, drop me an email and I’ll try to ferret out the recalcitrant link or cross out my entry in the above list!

Editor’s Note: Know of a neat resource that you think might be a hidden gem?  Drop an email to [email protected].

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