25 March 2016

Oral History -- Exploring African American Credit Unions

We often think of Oral History as focusing on people and families and their stories.

I read with great interest a recent Southern Oral History Program blog post titled African American Credit Unions.

Instead of focusing on the documentary trail, field scholars went out and interviewed individuals to “reveal how they and their communities adapted to segregated banking by creating and growing their own credit unions. Even after many of these racial barriers fell, black credit unions continued to grow and merge with others into the 21st century.”

The blog post includes interview clips as well as some documentary evidence of the history of the rise of African American credit unions in NC.

With a bit of digging I found someone else who interviewed “African American credit union elders” as reported in Labor Unions in the African American Credit Union Experience: Oral History Tour Take-away #1 (Credit Union History blog).  Here is a video created before the oral history tour commenced.

Are you aware of Oral History projects which focus on an institution or aspect of general history versus genealogy and family history? 

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